Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Shoot-out: Outdoor Food

Go figure, this week we don't grill outside.

Only a couple (the girls are really good lately about keeping us busy) but for kicks I'm throwing in a few from hubby's d-day earlier in the month.

Outdoor at our favorite winery - music, wine, and food.

Hubby's b-day crawfish boil.

A little nod to the hometown brewery (yes you can turn a keg into a deep fryer / steamer)

Out of curiosity, does anyone know a fix to blogger's upload? (I have certain pics that show horizontal on my computer and everytime I upload, blogger makes them vertical)


  1. yum. another country boil...something I've never experienced. Let me know the next time you're having one. ;)

  2. I have never experienced anything like this! It looks like sooo much fun! Only Pig Roasts! :)

  3. With your photos, I can see the real fun! I missed hanging with my friends.

  4. open your pictures folder and show the photos as icons - are they turned sideways? you can right click and rotate if they are. some of the photo view/edit programs automatically turn them but only for viewing, they need to be rotated and saved in order to upload they way you want them to be.

    that said - I loved your food photos, don't know about crawfish and wine though - to me as a transplanted Texas crawfish and cold beer are a go together.

    and that said make no real differenct cause I am alergic to crawfish - hives eekkk.

  5. I have totally missed this post. I joined your main site so haven't been here. anyway.......loved your outdoor food shots. that looks like so much plus being so yummy!!